Although the adage ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ is true, we have seen a new phrase born in modern day that ‘creativity can be the mother of invention.’

This is especially so with regard to the rise of new brands that have taken everyday mundane activities like having a coffee at a favorite joint into a whole new and enhanced experience.

Star bucks, for instance, is not an inventor of the coffee shop. There were numerous coffee places long before they ever came into the scene with the first Starbucks store opening its doors in Seattle on the 17th, March 1971.

Though people’s love for having a good Macchiato, Coffee Latte or a caramel Frappuccino had not changed, Starbucks came along and enhanced the coffee experience by conjuring up an environment that is enchanting, friendly, calm, relaxed and homely with excellent service.

Now there are a little over 21,500 Star bucks in 64 countries and territories across the globe. The Starbucks coffee chain sought not reinvent the wheel, but simply differentiated themselves.

Contrary to the common school of thought that you have to reinvent the wheel in-order to succeed in a business genre that is already crowded, from a Starbucks case study point of view, this notion is not entirely true. This coffee chain has made it clear that in some cases differentiating yourself from the rest of the pack might be the turn-key factor.

What did Starbucks do that made them different and led to them becoming such a huge brand from one little corner store coffee shop?

Emotional connection

This point is underrated in branding, yet it should be the bedrock. It is a fact that consumers emotionally connect with brands that repeatedly provide something that they want, need or desire

Have a story to tell

A story gives a brand an intangible soul and plays a role in people connecting emotionally to the brand

Introduction of new products in the menu that remain true to the story of the brand

Bringing originality to your small start up idea is not an impossible task although it not an easy one either. Once you have pinned down exactly what you want to do as a business, you need not fret too much about the competition if you feel strongly that you can succeed. This is because the experience that you would like to bring with your product is unparalleled and unique.

It is imperative that you think creatively and give emphasis to the experience even more so than the product to make your brand emotionally connect with your would be consumers. This is true of brands that have managed to build fierce loyalty to their products like Nike and Starbucks.

Studying such companies or those related to your type of business is a good place to start as it opens your mind to think differently and thus conjure up the experience that would like for your consumers. Remember, the only way to connect is to be relatable.