With technology at our disposal and the world becoming a global village, Home-based businesses are thriving, and owners are raking in what a day job would bring in and in most cases even more.

One advantage of a home based business(s) is the fact that you can spend more time with your little ones if you have small kids while running your home based business.

If you are a hospitable person who loves to host and entertain and you happen to have a spare room or rooms in your house, you can opt to host guest from all over the country as well as international guests at a pricing of your choosing.

A large segment of globe trotters wants to visit a country or a city and experience its culture, culinary flavors, the very pulse of its people and the diversity of experiences to be had in that particular location. These segments of travelers prefer not stay in a sterile hotel room but to put up with a family offering accommodation in their house.  That way they have an authentic experience of a specific destination.

The demand for this type of accommodation has grown exponentially so that the hotel industry in some sections of the world has complained and requested the government for a ban on this hosting. But while governments and the hotel industry grapple with the legality of the business module, people are earning profitably from these hosting activities.

What do you need to start?

  • A furnished room in your house that you can rent out on a nightly basis. Or an entire house whether 1,2,3,4 bedrooms and beyond that you can list for accommodation on a nightly or weekly basis
  • Open an account with Airbnb.com where you can list your room(s) or property(s) and the availability
  • You will need to state how much the cost per night would be and what service you are offering, e.g., bed and breakfast, room board only, laundry available and any house rules that you want to be known that a guest would have to abide by should they book your listing.

Advantages of this type of home business

  • Listing a room in your house or an entire property on such a platform is free, yet you are marketing to the whole wide world
  • Payment is secure and upfront if a guest books your property, though the website will remit the money to your account within two to three days after the guest has checked in
  • Through the Airbnb mobile app, you can correspond with prospects and guests using your Smartphone while you are on the go

If you are good at hosting, this will probably come as second nature to you. You can meet new people while running a profitable home business. If your guests are happy, they will write glowing reviews about your listing which will make it even easier for more guests to book with you.  We daresay that Airbnb is redefining hospitality and is a fantastic home based business. It gives you a glimpse of how the unconventional can become the norm in a heartbeat.